Our mission is to help

kids experience

the fun of using English.

About Eigo-A-GoGo?

Are you interested in teaching the “fun” of English to kids?

Our community believes children should learn English as not a subject but as a language.

Why teach with


  • You can teach remotely at home/school.

  • You can use your skills freely and fully.

  • You can decide the content of your own lessons.

  • Lessons can be scheduled in your free time.

  • There are no registration/commission fees.

  • Higher hourly rates than other tutoring services.

English + You

Language learning isn’t sustainable without “fun”.

This is why we are providing our kids active and interactive “English +” lessons: to spark new interests, discoveries and challenges. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • English + crafts

  • English + drawing

  • English + game

  • English + pretend

  • English + picture book

  • English + yoga

  • English + cooking

  • English + science experiment

  • English + math

  • English + travel

  • English + dance

  • English + musical

  • English + research

  • English + show and tell

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​Q. Are all the students all Japanese? 

A. Yes, most of them are Japanese kids living in Japan.

Q. How old are they?

A. We have kids aged from 0 to 12. We are labelling our lessons: "Babies(0-1), “Toddlers (2-3)”,  “Preschoolers (4-6)”, “Elementary school students (7-9)”, “Elementary school students (10-12)”. We also have lessons that parents and kids join together, and for all age groups.

Q. What is their English level?

A. Most students have learned English with their parents, and from materials and other teachers at school, so even little kids know simple greetings, words and expressions that are connected to their daily lives, and can understand teachers’ directions.

Q. ​What equipment is needed for the lessons?

A. Zoom is used for all lessons, so please prepare a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone. We can provide you a teacher account if you do not have a pro account for Zoom.

Q. How long is a lesson?

A. The basic duration is 30 minutes. Some are 40 - 45 minutes in special cases when lessons need more time for crafting, cooking, presentations, etc.

Q. How many lessons can I schedule in a week?

A. This depends on the current schedule and the number of teachers. Please contact us, and please also be aware that Eigo-A-Go-Go is not designed to be a primary source of employment. 

Q. How many students join in a lesson?

A. Usually 5 - 30 students. The number of participants for each lesson cannot be limited to a certain number. All Eigo-A-Go-Go members will be free to join.

Q. Will my lesson days and times be fixed?

A. ​Fixed schedules are preferred, but you can also work 2 or 3 times a month flexibly.

Q. Do you have lesson curriculums?

A. No. You can create your own lessons freely based on our basic manual for teachers. You can take Zoom training as necessary.

Q. Can I work full-time?

A. We are not seeking full-time employees. Our consignment contract is renewed every month.

Job Requirements

We are seeking teachers who:

  • are aged from 20. 

  • are fluent in English as a first or second language.

  • have taught or are currently teaching English to kids online.

  • can understand the concept of “English+” and be responsible for making lessons by themselves.

  • are able to use a computer for work without technical assistance.


Application Form

Did you read and understand our job requirements?

If you meet all the requirements, please proceed to the form below.

Have you ever taught Japanese students?
Do you understand Japanese language?
Up to how many students have you taught online at the same time?
What application do you usually use for your online lessons?
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eigoagogo1@gmail.com within 3 days.

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Thank you!


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